What We Do

What we do

At Aberdeen hardwood flooring our priority is fitting your flooring to the highest standard possible. From sub-floor preparation to the finishing touches of refitting skirting at every stage we take the time necessary to get the job done right

Attention to detail.

We don’t cut corners! we undercut period skirting and moldings leaving you with a floor that looks original.In our book a floor fitted using beading never looks quite right.

Floors that flow.

We take the time to undercut your doorways and use the most dimensionally stable timber available meaning your floor can flow from one room to the next without the need for thresholds.

The customer.

Every job we do is tailored to our customers needs and property’s features, this means we visit each customer with a full range of samples that we leave with them to give them the time to chose whats right for them and to answer all the questions they may have about different options flooring types wood species and flooring finishes. This whole process and each quotation is completely free.

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Floor Sanding & Scraping

Floor Sanding

We are available to repair and refinish your wooden floors in a variety of ways, from standard floor sanding to custom hand scraping and distressing

For floor sanding we aim to have your average sized room completed in a day or two depending on your choice of finish, we use commercial grade floor lacquers to give the most durable finish available, we can also offer a range of oil finishes to bring out that real natural beauty in your wooden flooring and leave you with a finish that’s easily maintained.

Floor Scraping

At AHF we have a real passion for for wood as a natural material and that’s we we offer custom floor refinishing in the form of hand scraping and distressing, this work is so niche that as far as we are aware we are the only company in the UK to offer this service and we even have to make our own tools to do it.

In days gone by before the advent of floor sanding machines floors were refinished by being scraped by hand. This has long been since been abandoned because its much more labour intensive

So why hand scrape a floor? Hand scraping has several benefits and advantages over sanding, when a craftsman scrapes a floor he can accentuate the grain and figure of the wood, for example making knots more prominent ,This gives the floor a very naturally worn appearance,, This appearance also means that any future damage to the floor is likely to blend in and simply add to the character where on a sanded floor it would stand out a mile.

Scraping a floor also creates no dust while our personal favorite reason for scraping a floor is the feeling of it barefoot, walking around becomes a wonderful tactile experience